One of my favorite aspects of portrait photography is lifestyle newborn sessions. After all, I get to document a new life and a new family! For these sessions I like to take time and capture your sweet newborn - their fuzzy little ears, wrinkly hands, or that little milk-drunk smirk, My passion is to also highlight momma, as she basks in that new mother glow. Daddy, as he proudly holds his precious one, and of course the nursery and home that you have prepared for the last 9 months! Let's get together and create heirloom memories of the life you've created and this journey to parenthood. 

Newborn sessions should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. My shoot schedule fills quickly and to make sure your spot is reserved, we need to book the session ahead of time! 



When do I schedule my session? 

Please contact me within three days of baby's arrival. This will help me adjust my schedule and make sure that we capture baby before 14 days of life!

When should I contact you?

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home - we'll focus on rooms such as the nursery, the master bedroom, or the living room. I like to use rooms where you are most comfortable and ones that will have the most meaning for you. Someday you'll look back on these images and want to remember where you loved to snuggle your little one. 

When I arrive at your home I'll take a look around and see what areas might always work well due to the natural light available. Please be sure to let me know when the best natural light is most available in your home. I will also be bringing lighting equipment to be sure that we can effectively capture your moments. 

Where will the session take place?

First, you're adjusting to a new chapter in your life. Please go easy on yourself and be sure to put comfort first. Secondly, look at the colors of your home and the rooms we will be photographing in - it works well if your clothing colors and patterns complement each other. But as a fall-back neutrals (grays, whites, tans) always photograph well. Please, stay away from loud, busy patterns or bright colors. Be sure that clothing flows with your home and with your family. 

Baby will be in the buff for many of the images. As well as swaddled and in a onesie or two. Please have a few simple onesies available. I will bring a few neutral swaddles that will photograph with your baby beautifully. 

What do we wear? 

I focus on telling a story, rather then props and set-ups. My goal is to showcase your and your family, and honor the relationships between. I generally do not use props during these sessions. Although, if you have a special quilt or heirloom that you would like to include I am open to it. 

Please let me know ahead of time if you desire the use of a prop. 

What about props?

  • Please encourage some awake time with baby before I arrive. I will then have you feed baby as I am setting up. This will help baby to get nice and sleepy. 
  • The temperature of your home should be at around 80 degrees. Yes, we are going to sweat, but this will help baby feel most comfortable. 
  • Expect accidents. Pee and poop WILL happen. (And we'll laugh!)
  • If possible remove clutter that might be distracting in the background of photos (clutter on nightstands, dressers, counters, etc). If your crib has bumpers, I prefer you remove them for the session if possible. I love to get some shots peeking into the crib. 
  • Think of something "routine" you do with your baby that we could also photograph during my time there. Maybe it's just a simple diaper change, feeding, giving baby a bath, but something that would be fun to document, because even the most ordinary things are something you won't want to forget.

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