"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." -Eda J. Le Shan

That moment when they place that tiny human in your arms your life changes in an instant. The time slips by so fast that you wish you could box up those first special moments and hold on to them forever. That's why, as a newborn photographer, I believe newborn photography is so important. Your bundle of joy will change so quickly and I want to capture every tiny detail, so you can hold on to those memories for a lifetime. From their soft angelic face, to their fuzzy hair, let's remember every detail before we blink our eyes and they are grown. 

Newborn sessions typically take place between five and seven days old. The best time to schedule your portrait session is when you are about twenty weeks pregnant. That way, we have plenty of time for your initial consultation and we can secure your tentative session date. Farther along? That's okay! We can still schedule your appointment!

For newborns, I pack up my studio and travel to the comfort of your home. I offer posed as well as lifestyle options and several different print collections. I love to customize these unique portraits and design the perfect one that will reflect your family beautifully. 

 As a Vermont and New Hampshire photographer based out of Springfield, Vermont, I serve various locations, including the Upper Valley, Keene, Claremont, Chester, Walpole, Grantham, Lebanon, Hanover, etc. 

Booking fee- $250

The average investment in memories is between $800-1800